Why Should You Learn a Second Language?

According to Pachler, Barnes and Field (2009) ‘one important reason for the study of MFL is the recognition that it has an important role in terms of contributing to the personal, social, cultural and general linguistic development of pupils in preparation for their adult lives, both for work and leisure.’ Pachler, N., Barnes, A. andContinue reading “Why Should You Learn a Second Language?”

What Can Help You Learn a Second Language?

‘Language is a learned behaviour and is acquired through imitation’ (Cooke 2014, p 77). Cooke, A. (2014) A qualitative inquiry into the construction of modern foreign language teachers’ beliefs and pedagogical content knowledge. Norwich: University of East Anglia. In my language tuitions, I always use the target language giving students the opportunity to practice speakingContinue reading “What Can Help You Learn a Second Language?”

What Makes Language Learning Difficult?

According to Ellis (1997, p.23) language “acquisition follows a U-shaped course of development; that is, initially learners may display a high level of accuracy only to apparently regress later before finally once again performing in accordance with target-language norms”. This definition is similar to that found in Krashen’s (1982) concept of affective filter, which claimsContinue reading “What Makes Language Learning Difficult?”

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